Plant-Based Party!

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Plant-based Party uses colorful African-diaspora inspired artwork and lively text to introduce the fun of a plant-based lifestyle to early readers and adults. Written by a 2-year-old plant-based child and his Mother. This mother-son duo entertains the reader while celebrating a child's birthday that does not eat any meat, dairy, or processed sugar. "EJ" is hard at work, enlisting his parents task to prepare for his plant-based birthday party. The book includes an easy ice cream recipe easy for the entire family to make together. 

Making it Make Sense

We understand that we live in a world full of addictive foods and lifestyle habits. Thanks to our research, expansion of our family and personal trial & error— we have broken some interesting information for you. Please Enjoy!


Saturation of Minerals

Plant Based

Positive Affirmations

The Power
of 21

Assisting the Body
with Repairing