Mr. Butters

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Size: 3-inch figurine 

Mr. Butters is the alter ego for a Black male who is a father, son, husband, and friend to the community. Mr. Butters was created after Collins was a victim of the school to prison pipeline. He was kicked out of high school his senior year for defending his sister from a group of boys. While wandering the dilapidated hallowed grounds of Farish Street historic district; he discovers an abandoned factory and makes it his home away from home. Initially he used the space for a hang out for other misplaced Black youth: they would rap, smoke, have parties and support each other in the area. Collins has not discovered the wonders of this area until he was wandering the building alone and fell through the board floor into a basement. The basement has a rusty iron covering a pit full of magical shea butter that he is not ready to yet, but he will be in due time. The police discover the young people and boards the factory back up. Collins is given an offer by the judge to leave Jackson or go to jail for trespassing on the property. He chooses to leave. 

Years passed by Collins has not been using the space as the ancestors invited so he is banished for 7 years, he goes on a journey to all the states in the United States and meet his future wife in Haiti: all while learning more about himself, discovering his power within and decolonizing his diet. 

When he returns to Jackson, Mississippi; he is a new plant-based man, married with kids and goes straight to his sacred space in historic Farish street and works to unlock the iron pit. Once open he jumps into the golden shea butter. He begins to transform physically, mentally, and spiritually. Mr. Butters is created to fight the evils attacking melanated people all over the world.

His powers are as follows: he can teleport himself to the past, present and future; he uses his plant-based to harness electricity from his electric diet; he can fly; empower others to discover their own powers; he can speak to his ancestors and his shea butter necklace is intelligence from another dimension that can transform him into any type of life form when activated.


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