Lobelia, 1oz.

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Bis also known as gagwort, vomitwort, and pukeweed. As you can imagine from its name, large amounts of the herb can induce vomiting. However, that’s not what lobelia is used for most in modern herbal medicine. Over the years, Native Americans used lobelia as a treatment for respiratory problems. In fact, it was delivered to the body by smoking it. And while we now know that smoking isn’t the healthiest way to deliver a chemical to the bloodstream, it is effective. In modern medicine, lobelia has been used in many ways. It’s been used as a powder, tea, poultice, and some people even still smoke it. Lobelia has many uses for the body beyond helping to induce vomiting.*

If you’re suffering from asthma, whooping cough, or bronchitis, lobelia can be used as an expectorant to thin out the mucous that’s giving you grief. If you’re having a hard time getting rest at night, lobelia is an effective sedative that can help you fall asleep more soundly. If you’re suffering from fever, lobelia can help to return your body temperature to normal. And if you have an insect bite, lobelia can help to reduce the inflammation and swelling. When you fall and suffer a sprain or bruise, lobelia can help you to reduce the pain and inflammation of the area.*

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