Juniper Berries, 1oz.

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Juniper Berries have long been used in herbal medicine for problems such as stomach pain and urinary disorders. It was once thought to be the best cure for snakebites and was thought to ward off the plague by ancient people. Today, juniper berries aren’t quite used to the same extent. However, they do have a place in modern herbal medicine. The berries of the juniper plant contain chemicals called flavonoids, tannins, and a volatile oil. These are the ingredients that are considered the most important and the cause for its ability to heal specific problems.*

Juniper berries are most often used as a diuretic. They work so well because the chemicals in the berries actually irritate the kidneys. This causes them to produce more urine and as a result, more fluid is taken off of the body. The juniper berries are usually prescribed by herbalists for kidney problems such as cystitis. They’re also used for edema—unless the edema is caused by a lack of kidney function. In that case, juniper berries would only make the situation worse. In very small doses, you can also use juniper berry to stimulate your appetite. This is good for someone who’s fighting an illness that’s causing loss of appetite.*

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