Damiana Leaf, 1oz.

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Damiana is an herb that’s been used in Latin America and throughout the Caribbean for many years. In Mexico, it was once used as an aphrodisiac. If you’re a male suffering from impotence or premature ejaculation, you’ll find that damiana can help to improve your sexual potency. You’ll have better circulation to your sex organs and you’ll have a more satisfying sex life for both you and your partner. While traditionally damiana has been used by men for this purpose, women too may find that they have a better sexual experience from using damiana as well. Women will also benefit from using damiana during their menses. Damiana works to help relieve painful periods and it can relieve other symptoms of the menstrual cycle such as back pain and irritability.*

If you suffer from mild depression, you may want to consider making damiana a part of your routine. It works to help relieve stress and anxiety. And unlike many pharmaceutical antidepressants, it won’t decrease your sex drive. If you’re having problems with your urinary tract, damiana can be a powerful antiseptic. It will help to fight the infection and allow you to have less pain during urination. You’ll also find that you’ll need to urinate less.*