Chrysanthemum Flower, 1oz.

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If you’re trying to stay cool when you’re in a hot environment, chrysanthemums can keep your body from overheating. They’re an antipyretic, which is a fancy way of saying that they cool the body and fight fevers. Even if you’re not in a hot environment, you can use the flower to help keep a fever down and keep it from returning.*

When you’re dealing with skin inflammation, chrysanthemum can also help to cool your skin. Using a poultice of the flower and applying it directly to the skin can help to soothe your skin and take away the hot stinging you may be feeling.*

In addition to its fever fighting properties, the chrysanthemum flower can be a benefit to your vision. It’s known to help improve eyesight and help to soothe tired eyes. In today’s world when we spend so much time on the go and staring at screens, chrysanthemum is the perfect solution. And while this flower is good for the eyes, there are also some people who swear by its ability to improve deafness. It’s overall good for the senses.*

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