Cat's Claw Bark Powder, 1oz.

Cat’s claw, with such a simple name, it’s almost hard to believe that cat’s claw is a major herb that’s used even today to boost the immune system. Historically, it’s been used by Peruvian tribes to treat a variety of conditions from rheumatism to urinary tract infections. And it was also used by other tribes for problems such as diabetes, menstrual irregularities, fever, and intestinal issues. In fact, in Columbia and Guiana, cat’s claw was even used to treat dysentery.*

What we know from more modern research is that cat’s claw was so good at treating this large variety of problems because it actually boosts the immune system of the human body. That means that the body gets better at treating all kinds of infections. So, rather than actually fighting the infections itself, cat’s claw helps the body to do its job.*


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