Cardiovascular & Circulatory Cleanse

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Benefits | Helps to improve circulation & heart health*

  • Improving circulation*:  
    • Loaded with herbs that fight bacteria, inflammation & plaque*
  • Improving heart health*:  
    • Protecting against heart disease & helping control high blood pressure and high cholesterol*
  • Strengthening Heart Muscles*:  
    • Increasing coronary artery blood flow*

    Size | 100 vegan capsules

    Ingredients Blood Root, Hawthorne Berry, Cayenne, Rosemary, Sea Moss, Black Cohosh, Valerian Root, Beet Powder, Motherwort, Passionflower

    Recommended Use: Take three (3) capsules, two (2) times a day for the first week. After first week, reduce dosage to two (2) capsules, two (2) times a day. Take consistently for best results.

    Herbal supplement are made with organic ingredients. We recommend taking at least 2 hours before or after any doctor prescribed pharmaceuticals.

    Also, we highly recommend taking herbal supplements for 21 consecutive days (3 weeks) and resting your liver for 7 days (1 week). Return to your supplement after the 7 days. 

    How do I maximize my results with an Herbal Blessings blend?

    Remember this issue you are addressing did not happen overnight, so please be patient with your body. Especially if you are not pooping regularly, your colon is where you absorb nutrients, but it needs to be cleansed for herbal supplements to work best. We would suggest that you continue to use the product for at least 90 days to assess the benefits from taking this supplement.  Please note, we follow a plant-based lifestyle and encourage everyone to try a plant-based diet for at least 21 days, you have everything to gain from trying and nothing to lose. Remember, your food is your first medicine and the herbs will encourage your body to repair itself.

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