Calendula Flower, 1oz.

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The term “marigold” refers to a group of flowering plants in the aster family, one of which is the beautiful herb calendula. Also called pot marigold, calendula is native to southern Europe and naturalized elsewhere, including North America. This annual herb features light, green foliage and clusters of single or double yellow flowers, (can also be orange or cream-colored). Calendula flowers are edible fresh or dried and lend a lovely color and light, fresh flavor to soups, teas and other beverages. Used to make a variety of cosmetics, such as soaps, shampoos and hair conditioners, lotions, creams and salves.*

In modern times, calendula is used primarily for the skin. Many commercial lotions and creams actually include calendula extracts to help soothe the skin. Calendula is very effective with chapped skin or skin that’s very dry and cracked. If you have sunburn, calendula can be vital to helping reduce the burn and inflammation and even prevent problems with peeling later. It will provide cooling relief that will be very welcome when your skin has been kissed a little too much by the sun.*

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