Black Cohosh Root, 1oz.

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Black cohosh is a perennial herb of the buttercup family, also known as bugbane, rattleweed, and black snakeroot. It is native to Eastern North America. Records show that Native Americans began using it centuries ago for the treatment of menstrual irregularities, menopause symptoms, and to ease childbirth.*

Alleviating menopause symptoms is the reason most people use black cohosh, and it’s one of the uses that has the most compelling evidence to support it. The menopausal symptoms black cohosh could be used to reduce include:*

  • hot flashes*
  • excessive sweating or night sweats*
  • loss of elasticity and moisture in the vulva and vaginal tissues*
  • pain during intercourse*
  • sleep disturbances*
  • mood changes, such as nervousness and irritability*
  • decreased sex drive or motivation*
  • heart palpitations*
  • ringing in the ears*
  • vertigo*
  • bone density loss in postmenopausal women*
  • heart disease in postmenopausal women*
  • reduced mental performance in postmenopausal women*

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