Bentonite Clay Powder, 1oz.

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The scientific name for bentonite clay is hydrous silicate of alumina, which refers to its colloidal properties, or the ability to absorb up to 10 times its weight in water. In fact, because this material readily expands to many times its original mass, it is used in the oil and gas industry at drilling sites. Bentonite clay is also used as an environmental sealant for freshwater ponds and wells and in construction to create water-proof barriers around foundation walls.*

Bentonite clay is also used in metal casting, poultry feed and in the manufacture of clumping cat litter. The versatility of this material earned a reputation as “the mineral with a thousand uses.” Originally known as “mineral soap,” bentonite received its modern common name in the late 19th century when an abundant reserve was found in the Benton Shale deposit near Rock River, Wyoming. Bentonite clay is also good for:*

  • Removing toxins from the body*
  • Treating oily skin and acne*
  • Detoxifying the skin*
  • Treating poison ivy*
  • Aiding weight loss*
  • Relieving constipation*
  • Treating diarrhea*
  • Treating diaper rash*