7 Day Blue Candle

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Blue Candle Magick Detail, Influence and Value.

Absorbs: Tears and sorrow

Assists with: Communication, devotion, healing, inspiration, weight loss, meditation, patience, peace, protection, sleep, obtaining truth, understanding, and wisdom.

Attracts: Calm, contentment, cooling abilities, happiness, harmony, healing energies, and the power of the ocean, sky and twilight, peace, protection, truth, understanding, wisdom.

Banishes / Wards off: Blocked energies and evil.

Creates: Contentment, cooling, devotion, happiness, harmony, healing, health, idealism, inspiration, weight control, loyalty, patience, peace, protection, restful sleep, understanding and wisdom.

Dissolves: Negative energy and illness.

Promotes: Calm, communication, contentment, cooling, devotion, happiness, harmony, healing, idealism, inspiration, loyalty, deep meditation, patience, peace, protection, peaceful rest, the truth, understanding, weight loss and wisdom.

Provides: Cooling and protection

Represents: The ocean and sky.

Making it Make Sense

We understand that we live in a world full of addictive foods and lifestyle habits. Thanks to our research, expansion of our family and personal trial & error— we have broken some interesting information for you. Please Enjoy!


Saturation of Minerals

Plant Based

Positive Affirmations

The Power
of 21

Assisting the Body
with Repairing