Our Vision + Our Mission

Our Vision

To assist people and families with receiving access to safe & effective preventive health care information and non-pharmaceutical options and provide the best product selection to improve ones quality of life. 

Our Mission

To make preventive health and wellness make sense. We will inspire, motivate and empower each person to become more conscious and passionate about their journey to better health and wellness.  


Herbal Popp

Herbal Popp was inspired by our need to serve a wholesome, great-tasting popcorn for a documentary viewing party we were hosting. We went back to our kitchen and created combinations using healthy & exotic spices and remixed cherished popcorn recipes from our childhood. There is an experience in every kernel!


Mr. Butters

Mr. Butters is our super hero who is able to harness the powers of nature’s garden and healing properties to create products for our hair and skin. 


Herbal Blessings

We live in a world of addictive foods, and it is a challenge to make changes to your lifestyle to improve your quality of life. Herbal Blessings understands first-hand how to navigate in this world full of food addiction to support your journey to better health and wellness. 


EJ’s LemonAYDE

EJ’s LemonAYDE is all-natural lemonade offering a delicious alternative to artificially flavored lemonade. EJ's lemonAYDE is made with real fruit, medicinal herbs, spring water, & agave.