Meet The Plant Based Family

Herbal Blessings started in the home of The Plant-Based Family. Creating herbal blends for themselves, friends, and family; they began changing lives all across the world.

The PBF believes that we all deserve peace-of-mind when choosing products for better health and wellness. The Plant-Based Family opened it's first public location in 2019 and continues to grow daily. Herbal Blessing offers unlimited herbal solutions for any conditions known to man.

Herbal Blessing Signature Collections include Herbal Pop®, Mr. Butters® Herbal Blessings ®, and EJ's LemonAID®—for the entire family.

Eric T. Collins, Jr., (EJ) Herbal Blessing's CEO, is growing to learn the ancestral medicinal herbal traditions. EJ is a 100% plant-based baby. He loves sea moss, breast milk until the age of 3, mango, and playing sports.

Eric T. Sr. (Dad) serves as Founder and COO. He enjoys working with herbs to make all-natural products.

Yasmin, Mommy, CFO, and attorney is also the plant-based chef. She enjoys creating new dishes to introduce others to a plant-based lifestyle.