Eucalyptus Leaf Powder, 1oz.

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Eucalyptus is an evergreen tree of the Myrtaceae family that typically grow from 30 to 55 m (98 to 180 ft) tall. The bark sheds often, peeling in large strips. The broad juvenile leaves are borne in opposite pairs on square stems. It will help to open up your nasal passages naturally and allow you to have relief from a cold or allergies. In addition, you can use eucalyptus in a warm compress to soothe sinus pain and pressure. Eucalyptus tea can work to help soothe a sore throat and treat problems such as bronchitis. Sipping on a steamy cup of eucalyptus tea will also help to open your nasal passages and provide you with relief.*

For bad breath, you can use tincture of eucalyptus diluted as a mouthwash. This will help to kill the bacteria that are causing your bad breath in the first place. It’s a natural way to have pleasant breath. Diluted eucalyptus essential oil will also be a great treatment to apply to bruises, joint sprains, and arthritic joints. It will help to soothe aching muscles and bones in a natural way. Adding eucalyptus essential oil to a footbath can also help to freshen smelly feet and rejuvenate them from a hard day of work.*

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