Chicory Root Roasted, 1oz.

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If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you’re probably familiar with chicory. It’s often added to coffee mixtures in order to add flavor and it actually somewhat counteracts the effect of caffeine. But chicory is a good addition to your regimen for even more reasons than its ability to produce a nice cup of coffee. There are several herbal remedies that chicory can provide. For example, it’s a tonic that when used regularly can improve overall health. If you’re having problems with your digestive tract, using chicory daily can help to relive them. For this purpose you’ll want to use chicory as a tea or a juice.*

When it comes to gallbladder disease or gallstones, you’ll find that chicory is a great remedy. Many people have gallbladder problems when they suddenly change their diet. In addition, chicory can relieve constipation. This is a natural way to relieve your bowels without having painful gas or cramping. It also increases your urine output and can help to relieve bloating. Chicory is also a good remedy for inflammations of the skin.*

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