Chickweed Powder, 1oz.

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Chickweed may sound like a sexist herb, but it’s actually quite helpful— for both women and men. It derives its name from the attraction that baby chicks and birds have to its buds. chickweed can be made into a salve to treat wounds and skin irritations. Chickweed provides relief and comfort and helps you to heal more quickly. You can also use it in this form to treat problems such as bug bites, burns, and eczema. Chickweed has a variety of uses that include treating hemorrhoids, impetigo, and even can be used to aid in treating tumors. For external use, chickweed is often taken in the form of a cream or ointment.*

Some people have also used chickweed to help treat problems with the eyes such as conjunctivitis and other eye infections. Some have even used it to complement cancer treatment and restore health. Internally, the tincture of chickweed can also be used to treat problems. For example, you can take chickweed to help reduce a fever. It can also be used to loosen a tight chest infection that’s giving you grief. If you just want to have better overall health, chickweed can also be used as a tonic herb. That means it generally supports you body to have good immunity, energy, and stamina. People have also used it for years to treat problems with the digestive tract.*

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