Historic Farish Street



Farish Street Neighborhood Historic District is a historic neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi, known as a hub for Black-owned businesses up until the 1970s. Named after a family that lived and had businesses on that street for four generations, the street became a flourishing business area after the imposition of legal segregation under Jim Crow. 

Herbal Blessings' founder Eric, Sr. always dreamed of opening a business in the historic Farish Street district. Black companies operated under a sustainable development model. Barbershops, doctor offices, restaurants, clothing stores, grocery stores, cab stands, pharmacies, and other professional services lined the streets. His wife, Yasmin Gabriel, shared his passion for being change agents in the Farish Street district. Gabriel, retired from her job at Tougaloo College as a college administrator to serve as the lawyer, CFO, the ultimate task master of the Plant Based Family. Together, they are working to honor the legacy of Black excellence in the historic Farish Street district.

Any day you could walk Farish Street and see family's shopping, Medgar Evers working, and B.B.King performing.

An economically independent black community created and grew from racial segregation laws— this community was the beat of black Mississippians' drum and all who visited. Everywhere in Mississippi, Black and Brown people were treated as second class citizens, but not on Farish Street. They were respected.


Fast forward through integration to the early 1980's most of the thriving businesses located on Farish Street were closed.

Herbal Blessings honors the legacy of Farish Street by founding our flagship store on Farish Street. A sacred ground paid for with the sweat, blood, energy, laughs, tears of our beloved ancestors. 

We are a part of a different kind of resurgence in the historic Farish Street district. It emulates our ancestors' Black excellence through a few words and more action. Our vision for Farish Street is one of a thriving community with the people from the community leading the charge. We want to support and encourage other small businesses to return to Farish Street. Our community needs us.