We call them, "Healing Crisis".....

Healing Crisis symptoms can range from skin issues, mood swings, aches & pains...These are all positive signs, and your body is working to remove the accumulated toxins. So please don’t be surprised if your skins breaks out; it will clear up soon and look better than ever! You can throw up, have headaches, swelling, rash, etc. You are on the road to recovery and your body's healing crisis will be over soon. 

Pregnant, or breastfeeding women. If you have a medical condition, please seek medical advice before detoxing. 

These are all positive signs, that your body is working to remove the accumulated toxins. So please don’t be surprised if you develop acne; it will clear up soon and your skin will look better than ever! You may vomit, have headaches, experience swelling, develop a rash, etc. You are on the road to recovery and your body's healing crisis will be over soon. 

Many of us have tried so many other diets, so why not try a new lifestyle one that celebrates, the mind, body & soul while being intentional about the foods we consume for better health.So, our point of view is why not? We have nothing to lose expect for poor habits & poor health for a possibility to improve habits and better health.

We live in a state (Mississippi) where we are at the bottom of the healthiest state list and rather than moving to a state friendlier to herbs, plant Based lifestyle, African spirituality and gemstones; Eric Sr. saw a vision of us being a part of the positive change we wanted to see in Mississippi.

We are honored to bring people back to the historic Farish Street. 

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REPAIRING PACKAGES are designed to: cleanse the colon & blood, add essential minerals, safety & effectively supporting the body to homeostasis. 
The goal is to get the body back to homeostasis from its current homeostatic imbalance. The lack of homeostasis increases the risk for illness. Plant based foods along with the herbs are best designed to assist the body with getting back to homeostasis. When you want your body to repair itself,  shouldn’t we start to provide our body with the resources to heal? If yes, then our repairing packages are designed to best assist in your journey to better health and wellness. With our outlook, your gut health, your diet and your health will improve. *

A plant-based lifestyle includes the mind, body and soul by improving your outlook on life, while improving the health of your gut so you are better able to absorb the nutrients from food that support your immune system and reduce inflammation.

You will lose weight in the form of fecal matter that is trapped on the colon walls. Be patient with your body as you remove this hardened or sticky waste. 

Eric Sr. had high blood pressure and was pre-diabetic at the age of 32; he reversed his high blood pressure and is no longer pre-diabetic. I used the high blood pressure healing package and changed to a plant Based lifestyle.

Yasmin, Sr. had chronic sinus infections, neck & back issues rooted in several inflammation, fertility issues and poor digestive health. I used digestive repair, yoni steam, sea moss capsules and a plant Based lifestyle. 2 kids later, I no longer have chronic neck and back pain and no longer suffer from digestive issues. 

Your poop can tell you a lot about your overall health. Your waste should not sink to the bottom of the toilet bowl.   It should float on top of the water.

Floating poop is an excellent sign of you consuming "live" foods.  Pat yourself on the back! 

Poop from a diet filled with processed foods, white sugar, dairy, and meat, will sink to the bottom of the toilet bowl.   The reason is that these types of foods are "dead" and produce no oxygen.   Your body only releases one-third of the waste, which leaves the rest to stick around and cause all types of issues inside your colon.   

We recommend that you speak with your medical advisor about your desire to improve your health with a lifestyle change. Also, because the herbs are organic and pharmaceutical products are inorganic, we DO NOT recommend that you take your prescribed medications at the same time as an herbal supplement. 

Congratulations, please check out my latest blog post about herbs safe while pregnant, in labor and after birth. 

Peace, we recommend our Kids J’Africa tonic; Elderberry Elixir and Sea Moss gel

Our Back Breaker repairing package is designed to improve sexual performance issue. 

Everyone’s body is different but based on feedback we would say 7 to 180 days. 

As often as you eat.

A vegan diet is not centered around health but individuals who choose to live a plant-based lifestyle avoid meat, dairy, eggs, gelatin and processed foods such as white flour and refined sugar. People who follow this lifestyle eat unprocessed or minimally processed vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, legumes, beans and whole grains. 
To break the distinction between plant-based and veganism down a bit further, a vegan will eat Oreos, since in essence they are vegan, however, a person who follows a “plant-based” lifestyle may choose not to eat Oreos because it’s not a product that resembles it’s original plant form. 
Although a “plant-based” meal may be vegan by definition, a big difference between the two is that a person who follows a plant-based diet is not necessarily a vegan which means they may consume only plant-based foods . 

You may feel worse before you feel better.
In the process of bringing your body back to good health you may experience some temporary pain or discomfort. Symptoms of cold, flu, dizziness, nausea and fatigue may occur.
Do not be alarmed. These symptoms do not mean your treatments are not working, but quite the contrary. The discomfort is often a very positive sign that the healing process is taking place.A healing crisis is any of a wide range of symptoms which may occur during the course of healing. Typically, the onset of these symptoms is very rapid. You may experience some symptoms immediately after a treatment, or up to 2 to 3 days later. The worst of the symptoms may last as little as a few hours or as long as several days. The longer the symptoms last, the stronger the healing crisis. But it is also characterized that when the symptoms have passed, you will feel better than prior to the crisis.
Most patients do not understand the healing crisis because of their experience with conventional medicine. As where the focus of conventional medicine is on eliminating discomfort and curing disease, holistic medicine seeks to address the underlying cause of pain and illness. It aims to balance the body’s energy flow so that the body can restore itself to a healthy state.Disease is a long, gradual process that occurs over time with stages of progressively ill health preceding it. It moves from less serious physical complaints to more serious ones, and then moves inward to deeper levels. Sometimes minor ailments are driven deeper into the body and become more serious with drug therapy, which suppresses the symptoms, but weakens the immune system. For example, you may first experience a skin problem, which seems to clear up. Later, the disease may progress inwardly to become asthma. Some time after that, you may even develop depression.
The aching body, headaches, nausea and fatigue often felt during a healing crisis are primarily the effects of detoxification. In the healing process, the body is working to eliminate its storage of toxins; materials that have been collected in the colon, the tissues and in individual cells. In a sense, the body becomes more toxic temporarily until the toxins are excreted.Once you understand that some discomfort is normal,and that symptoms can be a positive sign that healing is taking place, there are a number of things you can do to help your body during a healing crisis.
The road to good health is an exciting and rewarding journey, but like any worthwhile endeavor, it has some challenges. The healing crisis is an opportunity for you to understand the process your body is going through to reach a state of health. Despite symptoms, you should experience more areas of improvement than discomfort. These brief episodes of symptoms should be considered signs of progress and an indication that you’re on the road to good health.

Reducing environmental stresses can help a healing crisis pass more quickly. Saging removes negative energy from the environment. 

Parasites are very hard to see with the naked eye but we have received feedback from customers that they have seen parasites in their stool while taking Parasite & Candida Tonic.