3 Ways sugar is sneaking in your kid's diet every day and How Parents can win the fight against unhealthy sugars.

If your  child is developing new tissues, bones, and muscles at a fast pace, isn't it important to provide them nutrient-rich food?  YES?  Herbal Blessings is here to support your journey to better health and wellness. 

As parents, we do everything we can to provide a healthy environment for our kids. However, without the proper knowledge, even with our best efforts, our children can suffer from nutritional deficiencies.  Try J'africa today!  


At early ages, children become addicted to sugar with the help from cartoons, and family traditions like  cake for birthdays,  and candy for good grades.

The problem with these types of processed foods and  other junk foods is they taste great but often have zero nutritional value. They are a punishment to  growing little bodies because they deliver a high dose of unhealthy fat, sugar, preservatives, and cancer-causing agents. Convenience foods rob kids of essential vitamins.  Sea Moss gel and Sea Mosscapsules are great ways to replenish the littles little bodies with the nutrients  they need daily.  


3 Tips To Help Win The Fight Against Sugar.

#1. Reduce Processed Foods 

Manufacturers load quick meals like fast food, microwaved pizza, and breakfast cereals with cancer-causing agents, sugar, preservatives, etc.

Convenience foods are cheap but costly. But, how? Processed foods will cost you more doctor visits, prescribed medications, and inches around your waistline in the future. It is nearly impossible to feel like a million dollars when you are eating from the dollar menu.


#2. Eliminate "Fruit" Juices and Other Imposter "Health" Snacks

Natural fruits offer nutritional benefits. They are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. These help ward off diseases, which is especially important after the spread of CO-VID 19. 

However, fruit juices, fruit snacks, and fruit cups are not substitutions for the real thing. Read the back of the labels, Surprisingly, fruit snacks contain little to no actually fruit. Go-figure! Companies use the illusion of "healthy" as a marketing tactics for parents seeking to provide their kids with the nutritional value that they need.  Beware!

Eating "live" foods and taking herbal supplements like  our  Elderberry Elixir  is the best way to strengthen your child's natural body defenses.


#3 Remove the Sauces

People love sauces.  Its the sugar that keeps you coming back for more.

Ketchup, BBQ sauce, ranch dressing, etc. are loaded with sugar. Ironically, some Parents frown at the mention of their kids' drinking sodas, fruit juices, and other sugary drinks. On the other hand will allow the same kid to pour ketchup on everything- not knowing that the ketchup has just as much sugar, if not more!

All in all, perfect parneting doesn't exist.  However, we can keep an open mind and incorporate herbs and natural minerals in our little loves' bodies.  Kids need nutrients, minerals, and natural energy to run, jump, play, and learn.

But how can their little bodies absorb such nutrients if they are full of waste? The answer is they simply can not.  Kids need to cleanse their entire system just as much as adults do, regardless of age. Stock up on J' africa today!

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