Tomato Veggie Soup

Tomato Veggie Soup


 1/2 gallon of water

 1 pack of frozen peas

 1 bunch of radishes (chopped)

 6-8 Roma tomatoes (chopped) or 6-8 tablespoons of minced sun dried tomato paste

 1 small yellow onion (diced)

 1 tablespoon of sea salt

 2 teaspoons of dried rosemary

 2 teaspoons of dried thyme

 1 large zucchini (cubed)

 1 cup of eggplant (cubed)

 1 celery stalk (diced)

 1 cup of baby spinach 



  1. Add onion, and celery to a pan with a splash of oil and sauté until onion is translucent.
  2. Add tomatoes and 1/2  gallon water and simmer over a medium heat for 10-25 minutes. .
  3. Add zucchini, eggplant, thyme and rosemary to the pot. Cover and simmer until vegetables are tender.
  4. Stir in baby spinach just before taking the pot off heat.
  5. Add more seasoning to taste

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