Walnut Meat Pasta


 2 cups of soaked walnuts

 2 tablespoons of sea salt orHimalayan salt 

 3 tablespoons oforegano,basil, thyme andblack peppercorns

 2 tablespoons ofagave

 2-3bay leaves 


  1. Add the soak walnuts to the blender. Pulse for a few times.
  2.  Remove walnuts, and in a sauté pan add 3 tablespoons of grapeseed oil on medium heat with 3bay leaves, add in blended walnuts and sauté. 
  3. Add desired spaghetti (we look for one with no sugar) and add 1-2 tablespoons ofagave. 
  4. Add diced kalamata olives (if desired), cook Italian flavored walnut meat and add more seasonings to suit your taste. 
  5. Add walnut meat sauce to desired pre-cook pasta. 
  6. Simmer together for 5-8 minutes (pasta and walnut sauce). You can add nutritional yeast (if you desire a cheesy flavor).