Healing Crisis

Detoxing is another word for cleansing. It works to improve underlying health so you are less prone to infections. The most important way to strengthen your body’s natural defenses and improve the way your body eliminates waste. 



Healing Crisis symptoms

We live in a world of addictive foods and when detoxing you will have temporary withdrawals, cravings, mood swings, colds, skin breakout, etc. These are all positive signs and your body is working to remove the accumulated toxins. So please don’t be surprise if your skins breaks out; it will clear up soon and look better than ever! You can throw up, have headaches, swelling, rash, etc. You are on the road to recovery and your body's healing crisis will be over soon. 

Who shouldn’t detox 

Pregnant, or breastfeeding women. If you have a medical condition, please seek medical advice before detoxing. 

Toxic Material Cycle

Liver- transforms toxins into harmless agents so that our body can eliminate them.

Kidneys- filter out the toxins from our blood into urine

Intestines- propels toxins from food into the bowel for excretion.

Lungs-  expel gases filtered out toxins when we breathe out

Skin- eliminates toxins by sweating and by shedding dead skin

Lymphatic system- carries waste too large to enter the bloodstream to lymph nodes for processing before these large toxins are given to the liver for detoxification.