The 2 Things Newbie Plant- Based Folks Must Remember To Survive Their First Thanksgiving Day.

Temperature dropping and the leaves are all falling.  And one of the most anticipated holidays is among us.
Thanksgiving is approaching us very swiftly!
Your Facebook timeline isprobably flooded with pictures of cornbread, turkey, cranberry sauce, lima beans, and that HIGHLY sought-after mac-and-cheese. (NOTE: If the MAC ain’t right, then the whole event is liable to get canceled ��)
If this isn’t your first Thanksgiving being Vegan/Plant-Based at the meat-
eaters’ function, this year will be a breeze. Congratulations!
You’ve already dealt with the ridicule of not eating meat:
  • How you need “protein” from meat-
  • How you will turn into a stick-
  • You have stacked up your stats and rebuttals for the hecklers who can’t shake those bad habits off them-Ha!
But now, on the other hand, my newfound Vegan/Plant-Based people, Thanksgiving may be a bit nerve-wracking for you this year. But I got you!

Here are a few changes you can make to the traditional turkey day so you can enjoy your family and friends without feeling like crap...the next day.

1. Eat before you get to the event, or bring your plate with you.
It may feel like a bit much, but it can save you the temptation of diving back into that turkey when you arrive with a full stomach
or prepared plate of blessings. Trust me. ��
2. Bring the family some Vegan/Plant-Based food to try out for themselves.
Hopefully your family is open to try new things-(if not- no biggie).
  • Introduce them to the healthier version of the buttermilk cornbread – Spelt Bread.
  • Bring a pan of Mac and Yeeze and sit it next to the Mac and Cheese to make the event fun for yourself. Let’s make a wager to see who’s pan gets finished first. ��
If you follow these two guidelines you will have a successful Thanksgiving.
I hope my newbies in the cleaner eating realm can overlook the crazy  family questioning and become more comfortable with their lifestyle changes.Being that trailblazer in the family can turn the tide and have people following behind you on your journey toward better living. Consider that and keep that in the back of your mind as you celebrate Thanksgiving with the ones you are the mostthankful for.
Peace. =)