3 Easy lifestyle changes the black community can make to lower the risk of breast cancer.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

But awareness and prevention should be 365 days, 24/7. 

Yes! Breast cancer affects so many beautiful black and brown kings and queens every year. It is not a female-only disease. 

I hate cancer. I pray for healing for everyone battling any form of cancer. I also pray for a growth mindset about cancer-causing foods to everyone reading this. 

Today I want to share some practical tips to help move our community forward by creating new healthy traditions and education. 

3 easy lifestyle changes the black community can make to lower the risk of breast cancer. 


Tip # 1: Go green. Everyday.

A large part of the black community is addicted to cancer-causing foods that lead to obesity, high blood pressure, and, more often, cancer.  


8 ways to get started with a plant-based diet

Here are some tips to help you get started on a plant-based diet.

  1. Eat lots of vegetables. Fill half your plate with vegetables at lunch and dinner. Make sure you include plenty of colors in choosing your vegetables. Enjoy vegetables as a snack with hummus, salsa, or guacamole.
  2. Change the way you think about meat. Have smaller amounts. Use it as a garnish instead of a centerpiece.
  3. Choose good fats. Fats in olive oil, olives, nuts, nut butter, seeds, and avocados are healthy choices.
  4. Cook a vegetarian meal at least one night a week. Build these meals around beans, whole grains, and vegetables.
  5. Include whole grains for breakfast. Start with oatmeal, quinoa, buckwheat, or barley. Then add some nuts or seeds along with fresh fruit.
  6. Go for greens. Try a variety of green leafy vegetables such as kale, collards, Swiss chard, spinach, and other greens each day. Steam, grill, braise, or stir-fry to preserve their flavor and nutrients.
  7. Build a meal around a salad. Fill a bowl with salad greens such as romaine, spinach, Bibb, or red leafy greens. Add an assortment of other vegetables along with fresh herbs, beans, peas, or tofu.
  8. Eat fruit for dessert. A ripe, juicy peach, a refreshing slice of watermelon, or a crisp apple will satisfy your craving for a sweet bite after a meal.

Research the benefits of a plant-based diet for whatever medical issue you're faced with and put it in place into your everyday life if possible. Fruits, nuts, seeds, and veggies are the way to go! 


Tip # 2: Introduce your body to natural medicine & herbs

Nature provides us with everything we need to survive & thrive. Things such as soursop, sea moss, elderberry, ginger, black seed oil, oregano, and sea buckthorn all contain anti-cancer properties that could prevent the growth of abnormal cells in the body. Those are a few of the many resources we have at our disposal. There are hundreds more out there, but you cannot be afraid to go out and ask questions and research. It could save you a lot of strive.


Tip # 3: Reading and researching information is vital

There are alternatives to everything. Yes, traditional medicine has been around for some time, but has it helped or hurt us? There are books available by people way more educated in health & holistic treatment that can make the transition a lot smoother. Vegetation over Medication by Dr. Bobby Price, African Holistic Health by Llaila Afrika, and Dr. Sebi for Gut Health by Tammy Jonah are a few of the many places you can learn and figure out what can be done to resolve your current issues. You cannot be scared to read, and you cannot be afraid to use Google. 

The best awareness for breast cancer, or any cancer for that matter, is through healing & information. Although there are no guarantees in life, there are things you can introduce to your body and mind to help give you a better chance for fewer diseases to enter the body. Add these herbs plus implementing a plant-based diet, and you can start the healing process as you go forward. 

My best advice to give to any woman who has dealt with or has a loved one coping with breast cancer is to provide them (and yourself) some peace, Love, care, and concern. Have some empathy because Black Queens deserve that much. I also have a few tips that could aid in moving the needle as well (these are all suggestions).

Much Love to the Black Queens out there. I appreciate you! =)