Your poop is talking to you, but are you listening?

The first step to better health and wellness is to detox and eliminate the compacted waste.
It's time to take a better glimpse of your stool.  Herbal Blessings has several options to detox, cleanse, and restore your overall health and wellness. Check here to shop for digestive and excretory solutions. 
What would happen if you sat a piece of uncooked meat outside in the sun and left it outside for 8 hours? The raw flesh would smell horrible, full of bugs and parasites. Right?  Our  body's temperature is 98.7 degrees. When you consume meat, it takes days and sometimes months to digest. Same as when left in the sun, the flesh will rot inside your body.  
Let Herbal Blessings help you take thetrash out and toxins starting your journey to better health and wellness
What size is your waste?
The colon is between 2- 3 inches around, so the bowels should be at least 2 inches around. Anything less than 2 inches is a sign of constipation.
Does your waste float?
Your waste should not sink to the bottom of the toilet bowl.   It should float on top of the water. Floating poop is an excellent sign of you consuming "live" foods.  Pat yourself on the back! 
Poop from a diet filled with processed foods, white sugar, dairy, and meat, will sink to the bottom of the toilet bowl.   The reason is that these types of foods are "dead" and produce no oxygen.   Your body only releases one-third of the waste, which leaves the rest to stick around and cause all types of issues inside your colon.  
Do people run out of the house whenever you fart or poop?
Your gas and stool should never have a rancid smell. If your poop leaves a horrendous odor, the cycle inside of your body is too long.  Nothing should remain in the body for more than 24 hours. 
I am not constipated!  I go regularly, what's the big deal? 
The reality is most Americans are regularly constipated unless you follow a  complete raw-living food diet or a natural cleansing program. 
You may serve as a host to parasites from years of decayed waste in your belly! Start cleaning your body internally today with Herbal Blessings™Digestive & Excretory Sections and more!  
How much waste are we talking about here? 
The average person has more than  10- 25 pounds of hardened fecal matter lodged in their colon. 
What types of results can I expect from a Herbal Blessings cleanse?  
Cleaning your colon will improve your overall health: better skin, more energy, and more.  Results vary.  Consistency is the key to success.  On average, a person has reported to us losing 20-40 pounds of fecal matter. We have received other reviews related to improvement in sex drive, acid reflux, chronic constipation/gas, lack of energy, headaches/migraines, acne, skin issues, bad breath, arthritis, and much more!