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First Time Vegan, Thanksgiviing, Thanksgiving -

Temperature dropping and the leaves are all falling.  And one of the most anticipated holidays is among us.   Thanksgiving is approaching us very swiftly!   Your Facebook timeline is probably flooded with pictures of cornbread, turkey, cranberry sauce, lima beans, and that HIGHLY sought-after mac-and-cheese. (NOTE: If the MAC ain’t right, then the whole event is liable to get canceled ��)   If this isn’t your first Thanksgiving being Vegan/Plant-Based at the meat- eaters’ function, this year will be a breeze. Congratulations! You’ve already dealt with the ridicule of not eating meat: How you need “protein” from meat- How...

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October, Pink -

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  But awareness and prevention should be 365 days, 24/7.  Yes! Breast cancer affects so many beautiful black and brown kings and queens every year. It is not a female-only disease.  I hate cancer. I pray for healing for everyone battling any form of cancer. I also pray for a growth mindset about cancer-causing foods to everyone reading this.  Today I want to share some practical tips to help move our community forward by creating new healthy traditions and education.  3 easy lifestyle changes the black community can make to lower the risk of...

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