Many people spend a good deal of money trying to overcome or avoid constipation.Roughly 95% of all laxatives are irritating to the bowel forcing Peristaltic Actions by means of this irritation.There are more than 45,000 laxative and cathartic remedies manufactured and used in the United States. In recent years, laxative sales were at 350 million. That’s a lot of constipation! 
Even when you use them sparingly and just in emergencies laxatives should be approached with great caution. The mechanism of elimination is very delicate and easily upset. When disturbed it often requires weeks, maybe months, to become regular again. 

They contribute nothing to the restoration of the normal or natural process of defecation. Oftentimes these harsh poisonous substances are absorbed into the lymph and blood vessels and find their way to all the parts of the body. 

Anytime the bowel is artificially stimulated an undesirable result is a loss of muscle tone eventually producing a weakness in that muscle structure.In fact constipation is such a universal condition that virtually everyone experiences it at some point in their lifetime.What is constipation- constipation is a condition in which there is difficulty in emptying the bowels usually associated with hardened feces and or mucus.
I want us to really focus this discussion of constipation because nearly all of the bowel disorders considered are associated with it in some way.For scientists that have studied it, constipation is considered the modern plague! 
I actually consider it the greatest present day internal danger to health. Intestinal toxemia is an auto intoxication or a direct result of intestinal constipation.  What is intestinal toxemia - intestinal toxemia is blood poisoning Resulting from the presence of toxins as bacteria toxins in the blood. 
Did you know that constipation contributes to the lowering of the body's resistance predisposing the body to mini acute illnesses and the initiation of mini degenerative and chronic processes?Constipation indirectly cripples and kills more people in our country than almost any other single disease condition having to do with deficient function or simply put, mineral deficiency.

Did you know that constipation it’s so detrimental to our health that it also increases the workload of all the excretory organs? Excretory organs - such as the skin, the kidneys, the lymphatic system and the lungs are all responsible for eliminating excess waste, so as to help maintain homeostasis within the body.
Bowel movements every 2 to 3 days are considered normal by many people. I believe otherwise. My experiences have proven beyond a doubt that inadequate bowel movements and poor bowl hygiene resulting in autointoxication are the sources of an untold number of disorders in the body. We must be mindful of the difference between what is considered normal and what is correct or desirable from a health standpoint. Constipation is so widespread that the average person who is constipated doesn't even know it. So you see, defining what is correct and actually what constitutes constipation is not such an easy task. 
The frequency of fecal elimination is not the sole indication of constipation or regularity. It is common for people to think of Diarrhea as being the opposite of constipation. However, Diarrhea is usually just another form of constipation.When the bowl becomes infected with these, the body will often liquefy the colon continents in a last ditch effort to rid itself of the toxic waste accumulation. Continued diarrhea can severely dehydrate the body and upset electrolyte balance. The first thing people usually do is take an over-the-counter preparation to stop the diarrhea while remaining Unaware that the condition may be a sign of constipation. When diarrhea of this time is suppressed the constipation and its causes remain unattended. 
Some of my clients believe that if they have three bowel movements a day they have diarrhea while others think that a couple of moves a week is normal. An example of the latter was a patient who assured me that she had normal bowel movements. She stated that her bowels move regularly every Monday and Thursday morning. I’ve had people come to Herbal Blessings who had three or four movements a day and because of their poor diet the bowl itself was still very constipated. 
Most people do not know the condition of their bowel.

Unfortunately those who are not aware of the bowel function or condition or sometimes the ones who developed the worst bowel troubles. Most people were not properly educated in childhood to realize the importance of adequate daily elimination and two he nature's call to evacuate the bowel. This indifference to the natural urge to evacuate the bowels may be the cause of the beginning of constipation.
Constipation, whatever its form,  always results in a clogging of the colon. This clogging occurs in several ways. A primary way is the mucus buildup on the irritated mucous membrane and the Bowels to such an extent that feces can hardly pass-through. One autopsy revealed a distended colon that was 9 inches in diameter but had a passageway through it no larger than the diameter of a common word pencil. The rest was a layer upon layer of encrusted mucus and fecal material. Mucus accumulation can have the consistency of hard Rubber not unlike that of an automobile tire. Another autopsy revealed a stagnant colon that weighed in incredible 40 pounds. Imagine carrying around all that morbid accumulated waste. The need for bowel sanitation in cleanliness has been sadly neglected by nearly everyone. 
I am convinced that the bowel holds on to waste material longer than anyone realizes. When we clean the bowel and release all these old rotting material, gas, pain and auto intoxication or lessened. I believe that toxic material decaying in the sigmoid colon provides a favorable environment for the onset of degenerative disease.  We have several natural products to support your journey to better digestive health. 

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